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  • 5:04 PM

    5:04 PM

    If fear creeps so easily into the fantastical worlds that shield us from real-life horrors, how do these tiny universes serve their original purpose? And why is it that the things we choose not to listen to always find a way through the cracks where they fester and mold? Recorded using an old harpsichord, programmable…

  • The soil and the sea

    The soil and the sea

    Original soundtrack composed for Daniele Rugo’s film: The Soil and the Sea.

  • Le Guess Who/Radio Al Hara

    Le Guess Who/Radio Al Hara

    “Radio Alhara presents an unprecedented collaboration between Beirut-based multi-instrumentalist and puppeteer Yara Asmar, electronic musician Sary Moussa, and Bethlehem-based tenor of the Greek Orthodox chorus of the Nativity church Laurence Samour. The experiment is as much an attempt of apprehending an unforeseen encounter, as well as resisting physical boundaries through sonic content. The collaboration is…

  • Numbers Don’t Make Good Friends

    Numbers Don’t Make Good Friends

    Written for piano, kinderklavier, accordion, music box and synthesizer.  Beirut and Beyond’s compilation entitled Beirut 20/21 features 20 Lebanese musicians: “A postcard of its time that represents a snapshot of Beirut’s widely diverse and varied musical landscape”.