Mr. Samuel’s Teatime Stories for Good Kids & Confused Adults

In a wonky universe set within the fake walls of an old abandoned children’s TV show, Mr Samuel and his friends -peculiar, ugly puppets navigating the strange thing that is time- attempt to make sense of it all through stories, songs and arduous loops of nonsensical chores. A film in four parts.

Zizek’s book ‘The Parallax View’ begins with a description of the first use of modern art as a method of psychotechnic torture: French anarchist Laurencic’s ‘colored cells’. “The cells were as inspired by ideas of geometric abstraction and surrealism as they were by avant-garde art theories on the psychological properties of colors… the walls, which were curved and covered with mind-altering patterns of cubes, squares, straight lines, and spirals which utilized tricks of color, perspective, and scale to cause mental confusion and distress.”

With an emphasis on set-building, the disintegrating world of Mr. Samuel manifests as a colored cell through a set that is falling apart, eventually leaving the protagonist floating alone in a vast void.

Part 1 – Home

Early set designs