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  • Lapses


    Field recordings and audio compositions of mourning in real time were assembled into an interactive tape loop installation, where the recordings that emerged from this process can be played simultaneously or sequentially. A sonic exploration of the prison of memory and how it survives through tiny loops, little moments suspended in time. These tapes -the…

  • I Liked it Better When We Lived on See-Saw Hill

    I Liked it Better When We Lived on See-Saw Hill

    Conversations between a discarded clock and an old crow who, despite not being the best of friends, only have each other in what’s left of their deserted town. These videos recount conversations on shared loss between those who “persist” – people who stay, people who remain after death and loss. Conversations on what it means…

  • 5:04 PM

    5:04 PM

    If fear creeps so easily into the fantastical worlds that shield us from real-life horrors, how do these tiny universes serve their original purpose? And why is it that the things we choose not to listen to always find a way through the cracks where they fester and mold? Recorded using an old harpsichord, programmable…

  • Sonatina for 19 music boxes

    Sonatina for 19 music boxes

    Interactive sound installationExhibited at the Vogelklang – Black ForestDate: May 4 2023 This installation consists of 19 programmable music boxes for which were pre-composed a series of short musical vignettes, assembled on a wooden board. People are invited to choose a paper and run it through a music box to play in a sort of…

  • The Cut-Throat Finch Preludes

    The Cut-Throat Finch Preludes

    Before the Lebanese civil war began, my grandfather had gathered up some savings to buy a 4-track reel to reel recorder onto which he went on to record the sounds of different birds. By the time the war started, he had already recorded the sounds of almost 600 birds, and in his attic he stored…

  • The Black Forest Journals

    The Black Forest Journals

    There are strange creatures hiding in the forest, inside the tree stumps and below the carpets of moss: Pine wisps, wooden giants and mechanical birds. A tiny universe inside a room, this installation features these creatures and diary excerpts that document the chance encounters with them.

  • The Moon is a Malevolent God (But it’s Safe to Rest Here for a While)

    The Moon is a Malevolent God (But it’s Safe to Rest Here for a While)

    Something happened here once, and there’s a reason you’ve forgotten it.