Release Date: February 11 2024

Interactive tape loop installation

Exhibited at 421 Abu Dhabi, UAE

Field recordings and audio compositions of mourning in real time were assembled into an interactive tape loop installation, where the recordings that emerged from this process can be played simultaneously or sequentially. A sonic exploration of the prison of memory and how it survives through tiny loops, little moments suspended in time. These tapes -the more they are played- warp, fray and fade in the way that memories do after they are called upon time after time.

As the listener is left to piece together these sonic excerpts and build them up into soundscapes of moments that belong to someone else, a question of memory and lost time comes to light. What is the boundary of a memory? The listener here is situated in these sonic recollective fragments as much as they are in the ‘out-of -bounds’ of the person whose original memories these belong to. And although they do not share the memories themselves, they share the gaps in between. In that way, both can find a shared space in the blanks of this memory-scape.

In video games, the out-of-bounds is defined as the space out of the area that the player is supposed to stay in. Throughout the years, video games have delimited their maps using different methods, some more obvious than others – a black void or grid outside of the intended playing area, automatically turning the player around, or a written message “you’re not supposed to be here”, “turn back”, “you cannot go past this point”, or through an obstacle (a gigantic cliff) or more punitive methods (death of the player, damage).
In this case, the out-of-bounds or lost time becomes common ground.